The Spadel family

Since 2017, DEVIN JSC has been part of the Belgian family owned company Spadel. The company has always stood for regional values: positioning itself as a leader with a human face in its field, with brands strongly associated with its region, and with an unwavering commitment to the catchment areas of its sources and to the preservation of the natural and beneficial properties of water. Spadel pays special attention to reducing its footprint on the environment.

Apart from DEVIN JCS - the most popular brand of mineral and spring waters in Bulgaria, Spadel also owns the emblematic Belgian brand SPA. The name SPA comes from the name of the city of Spa, a municipality of Wallonia, located in the province of Liège, Belgium. Spa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belgium, known for its natural mineral springs and the production of SPA mineral water.

Spadel is the first international company in which all subsidiaries are B Corp-certified. Benefit Corporations are businesses that create benefits for all their stakeholders, not just their shareholders, and promote sustainable business behavior for a better common future. DEVIN JSC became one of the first Bulgarian companies to receive the prestigious B Corp certificate.


It takes decades for the groundwater to gather all its healthy properties.

Just like the path of natural mineral water, Spadel's history has been built slowly over the years with innovation, always led by the Du Bois family.

From the Belgian High Fens nature reserve to the rolling hills of the Vosges, we have taken to heart our mission: to protect the places from which natural mineral waters spring and preserve their original purity.

Social responsibility

Since the company's inception, Spadel has declared its pioneering spirit in favor of the environment. We are aware of the impact that our activities can have on nature, and we implement increasingly ambitious actions towards environmental protection.

A platform dedicated to our sustainability commitments

As part of our Source of Change 2025 Sustainability Strategy, we have launched a unique platform where we detail all our sustainability ambitions and actions aimed at protecting natural resources.


We initiate a dialogue with our partners, the organizations and foundations which we cooperate with.


We develop our educational activities to share our knowledge with the new generation.


As a B Corp-certified company, we transparently share our actions. Our ambition is to accelerate our transition to a circular economy and promote the recycling cycle of plastic packaging.

Annual report

Our annual report is committed to long-term value creation. On it, we track Spadel's work and determine the company's CSR strategy.