Quality and safety

Quality is a top priority for DEVIN brand products.

DEVIN strictly adheres to the Bulgarian and European food legislation, including food safety.
The company implements a control system that stems from its top priority – to provide a pure natural product for healthy hydration to millions of consumers. Another important aspect in this control is consumer feedback.
In this way, we ensure that all the beneficial properties of DEVIN mineral and spring water reach you in their purest form. From the heart of the Rhodopes, through the bottling of the water at our plant in Devin, to your homes – the entire process is strictly monitored and based on established quality and safety standards.

Continuous internal and external quality control

We apply continuous internal quality control through a specialized department and a modernly equipped laboratory. At the same time, the products’ quality is also subject to inspection and analysis by external accredited laboratories. At the same time, the products’ quality is also subject to inspection and analysis by external accredited laboratories.

An important element of our daily schedule are detailed programs for the monitoring and control of the physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic indicators along the route of the water from the source to the finished product.

  • Testing takes place... times a day in each production shift.
  • Once a month, the company's products are tested in accredited laboratories in Bulgaria
  • Nine times a year, full and extended analyzes of the products are carried out in a laboratory of the Spadel Group based in Belgium.
Trust in every drop

In order for consumers to have confidence in every drop of DEVIN spring or mineral water, we carefully select the raw materials and ingredients used.

We take a comprehensive approach to the safety of our products that spans the entire supply chain. We follow strict rules in the supply and audit processes to ensure that we select completely safe and high quality ingredients and raw materials.

The process includes defining the specifications for the materials used as well as carrying out constant compatibility tests. In this way, we guarantee that 100% pure DEVIN mineral and spring water reaches our consumers.

The raw materials and ingredients meet all European and Bulgarian regulatory requirements and are in accordance with the current scientific data without compromise in terms of quality.

Constant water content

As a result of quality control, DEVIN brand waters are distinguished by a constant composition and taste - unlike tap water, whose content varies depending on the degree of purification, chemicals used, etc.

A consumer favorite in terms of taste is DEVIN Spring (pink label*) – low mineralized natural spring water with a balanced alkalinity of 7.7 pH, suitable for everyone from babies to seniors. When talking about healthy hydration, DEVIN Spring is the perfect choice as it can be consumed without restriction.

*Not all bottled waters with pink labels on the market are spring waters, so when choosing bottled water, the consumer should familiarize himself with the content indicated on the label.

Employee reviews

Employee reviews


The integrated quality management system is based on the following generally accepted standards:


ISO 9001: 2015 FSSC 22000 vs.5

Quality Management System

On its own initiative, DEVIN has implemented a management system in accordance with the ISO 22000 Standard (as part of the Integrated Management System of Food Safety, Health and Safety at Work and the company’s GM).


ISO 45001: 2018

Health and safety management system certified by SGS Bulgaria

Food safety system certification


ISO 14001: 2015

Environmental Management System

DEVIN Spring is recommended by the Bulgarian Pediatric Association as particularly suitable for the hydration of babies and young children.