A power invisible to the eye. But visible to the body.

DEVIN Mineral Blue Drop carries within itself the unique qualities of deep thermal water, having extracted minerals from 9 types of rock characteristic of the Devin Graben.


The natural purity of DEVIN

Mineral water formation?

Devin Mineral is extracted from the "Devin" thermomineral field in the town of Devin, within the scope of the Shirokolashka slide area and, more specifically, in the Devin Graben (graben tilt). The formed basin is filled with numerous sedimentary rocks aged between 23 and 34 million years. The mineral water deposit occupies an area of about 20 square km, which overlaps the narrow valley of the Devinska River. Its depth is more than 1.2 km below the surface.
How does nature create DEVIN mineral water?
The "Devin" mineral deposit is nourished by infiltration (inflow) of surface (rainwater) seeping through the highly fractured slide areas around the Devin Graben. These waters are fresh and when going deeper they gradually increase their temperature by 5-6 degrees every 100 meters. As the temperature and pressure in the rocks increases, the water forms its mineral composition as a result of its contact with the rock (a total of 9 different types) which it passes through, dissolving some elements and ions.

The specific conditions in the deposit - the high temperature, pressure and lack of free oxygen - contribute to the purification of the incoming atmospheric water from the possible presence of microbiological contamination, which has been proven by numerous laboratory analyses.

Mineral composition and benefits

Specific characteristics

The interaction with the rocks from the surrounding environment is the reason for the main specifics in the quality and composition of DEVIN Mineral water, namely:

  • low in mineralization (a total mineralization of about 226 mg/l)
  • isothermal (with a temperature of above 40 degrees)
  • highly alkaline (active reaction pH above 9.5)
  • containing fluoride (3.69 mg/l)
  • containing a number of microelements (aluminum, zinc, barium, boron, lithium, germanium, etc.)
  • with an increased content of metasilicic acid (over 40 mg/l)

What conditions is DEVIN Mineral suitable for?

The curative and preventive properties of DEVIN Mineral are determined by its mineralization and the presence of hydrocarbonate, silicon, sodium and fluoride ions. It is defined as bicarbonate-sulfate-sodium and helps to normalize the activity of the digestive and excretory systems. The water helps reduce the hyperacidity of the gastric juice and stimulates the kinetics of the bile ducts. The presence of fluorine allows the use of the mineral water for caries prevention.

The composition of mineral waters is determined based on their content of mineral salts (anions and cations) that they possess. The labels of bottled natural mineral waters list the concentration of ions present in the respective water.

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