100% pure and SSSpringspring water.

Confirmed by the bees!

The unique history of DEVIN SPRING pink drop is particularly exciting because its purity and delicate nature have been confirmed by the most impartial evaluators - the bees. Since 2019, it is the bees bred in the DEVIN protected areas for the abstraction of drinking water that help us monitor the cleanliness of our spring water. How? By sending samples of bee pollen to the laboratory of the Belgian organization BeeOdiversity for an analysis against a number of indicators. We monitor the presence of more than 500 various types of pesticides and heavy metals, biodiversity levels as well as the overall health of the environment.

What do the resSSults show

BeeОdiversity publishes an annual report of the analyzes made. All studies so far have shown a complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals in bee pollen, which proves the purity of DEVIN Spring and of the spring area. The monitoring data for the four periods of 2022 show that in the spring & summer season when the bees are more active, more than 85.7% to 95% of the pollen collected comes from wild plant species was found, including St. John's wort, oak and yarrow. One of the protected plant species across Europe is also found there, the perennial herb Bistorta officinalis (Persicaria bistorta).


Bees and biodiversity

Bees serve as an early warning system as well as a helper for possible measures to prevent contamination of the area. Thanks to the results of the analyses, our specialists make decisions on how to protect and maintain the diversity of plant species in the environment around the spring.

The presence of bees in the environment has a beneficial effect and working to save their ecosystem is important for a sustainable future for all of us. Together with the bees, we have created a sustainable project with a beneficial impact on the natural environment, which provides us with the vital resource for all of us – pure spring water.

DEVIN Spring: pure, life-giving hydration

DEVIN Spring comes from a spring in the West Rhodopes, at 1,338 m altitude, where flora and fauna live in absolute harmony. The water is bottled directly from the spring, without being touched by a human hand.

This uniquely pure water is natural, with a balanced alkalinity of 7.7 pH, a pleasant mild taste and a constant composition. Its taste does not change, unlike tap water and table waters.


Not every pink-labelled water is spring water

Spring waters are obtained from a natural source and are not treated during bottling. The cleanliness of the place where the water source is located also affects the quality of the water. It is important for the users to pay attention to the label and the information therein contained because not every pink-labelled water is spring water.

In support of motherhood

Every mother knows how important and difficult it is to choose products, especially in the first days of a newborn baby. To be of maximum help to mothers in the first steps of this fantastic journey, DEVIN has created a special place to share experiences, to get expert advice and support. Join the community Cheerful Parents


Handbook of the newborn

Recommendations for the young mother by pediatrician Dr. Tea Alexandrova

Tea Alexandrova graduated in Medicine with honors in 2018. She has been working in the Pediatrics Department and in the Pediatric Emergency Room at University Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Care and Emergency Medicine "N. I. Pirogov" since the beginning of 2019. In the summer of 2020, she created an Instagram account, where she shares useful information about raising children, as well as tips for quickly dealing with medical conditions that may arise. She believes that awareness is the most important key to conscious and calm parenting.

Dr. Tea's Tips

DEVIN Spring every day, for everyone

When it comes to healthy hydration, DEVIN Spring is the perfect choice, as it can be consumed without restriction (the body does not need to rest during certain periods). It is suitable for consumption by all family members, even newborns. DEVIN Spring is recommended by the Bulgarian Pediatric Association for regular consumption by pregnant women, babies and young children.



Bizzy the Bee

In 2022, DEVIN Spring introduced the studious character to the water family - the cheerful bee Bizzy. Inspired by the successful project with BeeOdiversity, in which bees play an active role, as well as their great importance to nature, we created Bizzy for the new DEVIN Mini label. She is the careful ambassador of the good who educates children on how much it is important to drink pure spring water to be healthy and energetic.