DEVIN Spring was awarded the gold medal for biodiversity and purity from BeeOdiversity

Biomonitoring with the help of bees monitors the preservation of pristine nature and the purity of the spring near Devin



The mineral and spring water company Devin, a leader in our country, was awarded the gold medal of the international organization BeeOdiversity. The distinction is awarded for consistently high performance throughout the year for wildlife conservation using objective BeeOmonitoring (biomonitoring), a patent of BeeOdiversity, which is implemented thanks to bee colonies bred in the protected catchment area of the DEVIN spring water. Four times a year, BeeOdiversity analyzes samples of the pollen collected by bees within a 1.5 km radius around the source. They study it for over 500 different types of pesticides and heavy metals, levels of biodiversity and environmental quality. This detailed information proves that the catchment area is far from pollution and agrarian activity.

Monitoring data for the four periods of 2022 indicate that during the spring-summer season, when bees are most active, 85.7 to 95 percent of the collected pollen originates from wild plant species. All studies so far show a complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals in bee pollen. These results certify that the nature in the DEVIN spring area is extremely clean, pollution-free and untouched by human influence.

“95 percent of wild plant species in the region is a really impressive result that proves how wild and preserved nature is there,” pointed out Reni Ananieva, DEVIN Spring Brand Manager. “Thanks to the bee pollen we send to the BeeOdiversity laboratory in Belgium, we learn a lot about the biodiversity of the region and its natural rhythm of life. An essential fact is that the place where our water springs from falls within the territory of Natura 2000 for the habitats in the Western Rhodopes as a protected area. This makes DEVIN Spring proven pure and suitable for the whole family, fully justifying the trust of our consumers, who can without any worries offer it to babies and small children. It is important that people care more about what kind of water they drink and where it comes from so they can be sure what they are giving their children,” she added.

Devin was awarded the gold distinction among all the sites surveyed by BeeOmonitoring, and in 2022, sites in 17 countries, which implemented more than 120 projects for the protection of biodiversity, were surveyed, and the covered areas exceeded 1 million decares.

DEVIN Spring is the first Bulgarian water brand that makes extra efforts to monitor the quality of the environment near its source with the help of bees, thus also working to save them from extinction.

Further information about the project can be found at or HERE

How DEVIN Spring proves its 100% pure origin through bee pollen can be found from this link.