Why DEVIN Spring?


DEVIN spring water is clean water from the mountains – it is perfect for everyday use for you and your loved ones. It is even suitable for your most precious possession – your baby and toddler. The qualities of water do not require boiling and make it suitable for food preparation for infants.

Why is DEVIN Spring suitable for your baby:

Its total mineralization (82 mg/l) is much lower than that of mineral water. DEVIN Spring has an extremely low content of sodium (Na +) and fluoride (F). Sodium content is up to 6.2 mg/l (the allowed content is up to 20 mg/l), and fluoride is less than 0.1 mg/l with an admissible level for babies of up to 0.70 mg/l.

It is with a guaranteed purity as being extracted from one of the most ecologically clean regions in the Rhodope Mountains which is located at least 50 km away from any industrial production and pollution.

DEVIN spring water is microbiologically clean and is subjected to constant laboratory control at the manufacturing site. The water quality does not require boiling before given to a child. However, if you wish, you may boil it – this would not affect the quality of the water.

It is recommended by the Bulgarian Pediatric Association.

Take care of the most precious in your life and make sure it receives clean, safe water from the mountains, untouched by human hands.

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April 20, 2016
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