Water Police of DEVIN and BG Radio makes its fourth check together with Nasko from B.T.R.


The fourth check of the Water Police of DEVIN Mineral and BG Radio was held in Plovdiv in the office of Aiger Engineering. The invitation was sent by Polina Dobreva who made her challenge: ‘The company has 230 employers. We are eager to meet the Water Police!’ 

The team of DEVIN Mineral and BG Radio surprised the employees together with Nasko from B.T.R. who visited the office to find out whether they drink enough water throughout the day and what is their level of hydration.

Nasko from B.T.R. was very impressed with the modern company and his check showed that all the employees drink enough water. The team received gifts and useful tips for healthy hydration. The Water Police sudden checks will continue in the upcoming weeks.

You may invite the Water Police in your office at: http://bgradio.bg/game/devin-vodna-politsiya

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