The water police of DEVIN and BG Radio holds its last visit


After six weeks of intense inspections on the hydration of employees in the offices of many companies and organizations across the country, the Water Police held its last visit. The presenter of BG Radio Atanas Stoyanov together with the team of DEVIN mineral water and the smiley hip-hop singer VenZy visited the Department of Nephrology at the St. Ivan Rilski hospital in Sofia. This was the final check within the campaign which was joined by popular Bulgarian stars.

The Water Police of BG Radio and DEVIN visited six work places in the country:

  • The office of OrangeBG together with Milena Slavova
  • The interactive museum of industry in Gabrovo with Luibo Kirov
  • The office of TaxiMe with Preyah
  • Aiger Engineering with B.T.R.
  • Hotel Radina’s Way with duet Riton
  • Clinic of Nephrology with VenZy

The last visit of Water police took place on June 24 at the invitation of Dr. Deyan Gerov, who successfully managed to surprise its clients from the Department of Nephrology. VenZy also joined the team of DEVIN and Nasko. They used a special device to measure the hydration of all employees. Those with the lowest levels received great gifts from DEVIN to remind them how important regular intake of water is, especially during the summer. Dr. Deyan Gerov and his colleagues once again confirmed the benefits of the regular water consumption, and VenZy added, that healthy hydration, among other things, contributes to good singing skills.

Water is responsible for all important processes in the human body, so the benefits of hydration are numerous. Sufficient water intake can improve the efficiency of employees and contribute to more positive atmosphere in the office. Moreover, people who drink enough water during the day, are more concentrated and healthier which also leads to higher professional results.

Therefore the Water Police of BG Radio and DEVIN advise you: drink seven glasses of mineral water per day for a good mood!

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