The Rhodope Mountains are the main scene of action in the new communication campaign of DEVIN Mineral, dedicated to the connection of urban people with nature. The campaign tells the story of the origin of mineral water which comes from the heart of Rhodopes and brings the energy and power of the mountain.

The creative concept was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi (Belgrade) and executed by the South African director Julio Wood. The production team was entirely international which contributed to the overall creative approach. Director of production was Vladan Popovic from Serbia, and the complex animation which took more than three months, was made by Spring Opinion (Belgrade). The TVC was filmed by the Bulgarian production company Screen Brothers in several locations, including the Turluka area in the Rhodope Mountains and Sofia.

The key message of the campaign The Force of Nature inside You aims to present a different perspective on the connection of modern man with nature. The campaign targets urban people who like their active lifestyle but sometimes feel they need to escape from the city.

DEVIN Mineral is a natural mineral water which comes from the heart of the Rhodope Mountains – pure, low mineralized and suitable for active, dynamic people. It brings various minerals and salts to human body and takes care of the body healthy hydration in everyday life, during sports or at work.

DEVIN Mineral differentiates from other brands on the market because of its pure origin, unique mineral composition and proven quality. DEVIN Mineral water is extracted from a natural source with a depth of over 700 m, which for centuries protects it from surface contamination. The source and the bottling facility are based in the ecologically clean and pure region of Devin. The water comes with a temperature of more than 40 degrees and has unique balance of minerals, high alkaline levels (pH = 9, 48), exceptional taste and low levels of mineralization.

DEVIN Mineral new campaign will include TV commercial, digital and PR communication, and activities in the trade network across the country.

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