Gourmet surprises with chef Viktor Angelov and DEVIN AIR


The famous Bulgarian chef Viktor Angelov and DEVIN Air team organized an outdoor event with a tasty gourmet menu which brought together lovers of good food and exciting bubbles. Nearly 100 people, including journalists, guests and visitors of Business Park Sofia had the chance to taste the specialities of chef Angelov in a combination with the new DEVIN Air sparkling water, which was specially developed to become the lightest compliment to any meal.

Guests of the event tasted the exquite three-course menu in a combination with DEVIN Air water. They also had the opportunity to personally meet chef Angelov who gave them useful tips for serving food and combining it with drinks. At the event, the popular chef shared interesting facts about the process of developing DEVIN Air product. All those who attented the event, enjoyed a tasty combination of great food, sparkling water and pleasant classical music.

DEVIN Air was developed in a coopertaion with chef Viktor Angelov and with the support of professional sommeliers. The product has undergone a series of combined tastings to become the best compiment to the meal. The unique mineral content of the water gives its soft and velvety taste, while the added carbonation of natural origin imbues refreshment and delicacy. The gentle natural bubbles gently tickle your palate, preparing you for the next tasty bite.

The carbonated water is good for the summertime because it’s light and refreshing addition to any meal. Moreover, it has zero calories and perfectly quenches thirst during hot summer days, both separately ot in a combination with fruit juices or cocktails.

Superior Taste Awards honors Devin Air
May 31, 2016