Frutelli with new summer offers


This summer DEVIN once again presents innovations in Frutelli juices – two unique flavors and brand new designs which distinguish them from other products on the market.

The company has developed two refreshing summer offers for the lovers of refreshing juices. They may now enjoy the taste of quince and apple, and multi-fruit. The new juices are available in glass bottles of 0.7 l in the trade network across the country at BGN 3.80 (VAT included). The premium products Frutelli Super 3 with Goji Berry and Super 3 Acai will also be offered only in glass bottles of 0.7 l.

The new tastes of quince/apple and multiple fruits are produced of fruits which are preffered by Bulgarian consumers and are specially selected to create the unique combination. They are good for people with active lifestyle because they provide fibers, minerals and vitamins to human body.

Frutelli juices of 1l are now offered in innovative and fresh packaging. The renewed portfolio of Frutelli products has been developed with the aim to offer clients additional convenience and comfort during consumption. The glass bottles guarantee storage reliability and bring additional sense of elegance to the design, while the new visuals of the 1l packs will allow users to more easily and quickly find their favorite brand on the shelter.

Frutelli juices contain no added sugars, but only natural ingredients from the fruit declared on the label. The products are rich in healthy nutrients, have a guaranteed content of fresh juice and are preferred choice for the whole family.

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