DEVIN spring launches new communication campaign


In the beginning of June DEVIN Spring launched new communication campaign aimed at promoting healthy hydration and regular intake of water in the everyday life. The creative concept was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi –Serbia, while the TV ad was directed by Drago Sholev. The campaign’s key message is Free Yourself from Unnecessary Things. It targets working women who have a busy lifestyle and have to balance various tasks, responsibilities and roles.

Every day we face many challenges and move from one role to another – we are parents, friends, colleagues, employees… In our stressful everyday life we need to free ourselves from the unnecessary things in order to manage more easily all our responsibilities and roles. That is why the motto of the campaign is Live Light.

DEVIN Spring helps us sustain the water balance in the organism and to throw away all toxins from our body. Water gives us energy and power to manage successfully all our life roles. To enjoy a fulfilled and active lifestyle, we need to be well hydrated in order to keep our health and beauty.

DEVIN Spring is sourced from an ecologically clean region of the Rhodope Mountains near the town of Devin and comes to you untouched by human hands.  The unique balance of minerals and its low mineralization gives its light and soft taste. Therefore, it is suitable for everyday use, even from pregnant women and babies. It is a preferred choice for daily consumption by families with kids, women who care for their appearance and have an active and dynamic lifestyle. DEVIN Spring is the first water in this category introduced on the Bulgarian market and imposes higher quality standards since 2005.

The new campaign of DEVIN Spring includes TV advertising and integrated communication campaign for the different channels. You may find the latest news related to Free Yourself from Unnecessary Things campaign on our website:, or on our Facebook page available at:

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