DEVIN Spring is partner of „Parents Academy“

DEVIN Spring is partner of „Parents Academy“


25 March 2016, Sofia – DEVIN Spring will continue to be an official partner of the „Parents Academy“ project in 2016. The company is a traditional partner at the event and supports the initiative which aims to prepare future parents for the most important moment in their lives – raising a child. “Parents Academy” is an event for people who want to make a well-informed choice about children’s upbringing, health and education.

As part of the partnership, DEVIN provides the Academy with spring water, which is the best choice for pregnant women and may be used for food preparation for infants. It is suitable also for direct consumption from infants and young children. DEVIN Spring is characterized with extreme light and soft taste and its unique balance of minerals and low total mineralization makes it perfect for daily and constant consumption.
In addition, DEVIN provides “Parents Academy” with printed materials and leaflets containing information about the healthy hydration and benefits of water for the human body. Water intake is important in everyday life. The proper fluids intake is also extremely important during pregnancy because water helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals and have them transported to the blood cells and the placenta. Water is crucial not only for each development stage of the baby, but also after its birth.

Food and drinking habits should be developed from a very early age, to ensure children’s health in the future. It is therefore important for parents to set an example for their children and help them in building the useful habit of drinking water and being informed about its benefits.

You may find more information about the objective, achievements and events of the “Parents Academy” at:

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