Company profile

DEVIN is the leading bottled water company in Bulgaria. All sources and the bottling facility are based in the ecologically clean and pure region of Devin, in the heart of the Rhodopi mountains. DEVIN is also the distribution partner for Red Bull and Granini in Bulgaria. The company is operating a national sales & distribution network, headquartered in Sofia. At present, DEVIN has over 500 employees. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Borislava Nalbantova.

“Devin” JSC was founded in 1992 as a limited liability company owned by individuals and the Devin municipality. Since 1999, the company has been a joint stock company with 100% private capital. From August 2007 to June 2010 DEVIN was a public company which shares were traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. As of 2010, DEVIN was under the ownership of “Advent International” – a global private equity fund. In March 2017, DEVIN became part of Spadel Group.

Spadel is specialized in production of mineral water, spring water and natural fruit drinks. The company is market leader in Benelux and has strong regional positions in France and the UK.

DEVIN’s primary scope of activity includes bottling and selling of mineral water, spring water, table and carbonated water and non-carbonated soft drinks. The company holds the concession for use of drillings 3 and 5 in the region of Devin, the Rhodope Mountain, from which it bottles its DEVIN mineral water. The water is natural and comes from an ecologically clean area. It has unique mineral composition and taste.DEVIN has a license for utilization of Baldaran source, used for bottling the unique for the Bulgarian market DEVIN spring water. With its low mineralization (82 mg / L) and low level of sodium ions (6.2 mg / l), DEVIN spring water can be consumed everyday by everybody – from newborns to elderly people.

The company holds a number of certificates for the quality of mineral and spring water DEVIN, issued by Bulgarian health institutions as well as the prestigious German Institute Fresenius. The product range includes DEVIN mineral water, DEVIN spring water, DEVIN AIR carbonated mineral water, Divna table water, fruit juices Granini, as well as Red Bull energy drinks.  In addition, we own the leadership in the business with gallons branded DEVIN OFFICE. The company has at its disposal a well-developed national distribution network, including over 85 partner companies, as well as its own commercial base in Sofia. Together with its partners, DEVIN delivers its products to more than 35,000 retail outlets in the country.


Clean and pure
in life, business and society.
We bring healthy hydration
to every body.


The company’s mission is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle through the production and distribution of high quality soft drinks.


Over the course of its 25-year history, DEVIN  has established itself as the market leader, offering a variety of waters, quality and healthy beverages.

Since its establishment, the company has been growing dynamically as a result of its quality products, well-developed distribution network, adequate and innovative business strategy, as well as open communication with the users of the brand. Here are some of our achievements:




EFFIE bronze medal for communication campaign of DEVIN spring and mineral water


2011, 2010, 2009

Award for Packaging Innovation, The Bulgarian Soft-Drinks Association



Eco-innovation Award



IN5 – Innovation Award, Investor of the Year, awarded by Bulgarian Industrial Association



For the successful launch of DEVIN Spring water the Marketing manager of the company won the award “Brand Manager of the Year”




International certificate for the quality management system ISO 90012008



Certificate of quality control covering the bottling of DEVIN mineral, spring and carbonated water, issued by SGS System Certification



DEVIN received honor for Best Practice in Reduction of Packages from the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Smolyan



Quality standard for implementation of best practices in the field of Human resources management and development



2015 International certificate for labor safety OHSAS 180012007



International certificate for Environmental management ISO 140012004



International certificate for environmental management ISO 140012004 Atlantic Divine



Certificate for the consistent content of mineral water DEVIN, drilling 5, issued by the Ministry of Health


Certificate for the consistent content of DEVIN mineral water, drilling 3, issued by the Ministry of Health



International certificate for environmental management ISO 140012004



Quality Control Certificate ISO 9001:2015 of Atlantic Divine

Sponsorships and social responsibility

As a responsible company, DEVIN traditionally supports investments in new production technologies and efficient use of energy and resources. Our efforts are focused on building long-term, reliable and loyal relationships with customers, partners and society. We are constantly striving to treat everybody with dignity and respect. Protection of environment and promotion of active and healthy lifestyle are our key priorities and commitments.


September 30, 2019


Companies in Devin will train the next generation of automation technicians

Nine children begin their professional development in a new, specialized class at the Alexander Stepanovich Popov Professional High School of Electrical Engineering in Devin. This year […]
April 16, 2019
Progressive Awards 2019


DEVIN receives award for the best producer in the FMCG sector

DEVIN was awarded the best FMCG producer during the first Progressive Awards that took place on April 12th at the annual conference organized by the Progressive Magazine in Plovdiv.
April 10, 2019


DEVIN ranked 10th among the strongest brands on the Bulgarian market according to consumers

DEVIN is ranked 10th in the TOP 20 ranking of the strongest brands on the national market and a leader in the category “Beverages – soft drinks/bottled water”. This shows an independent survey of the consumer segment on the Bulgarian market held at the initiative of the global organization Superbrands.
February 21, 2019


Supreme Administrative Court confirms the right of DEVIN JSC to use the word mark DEVIN

The Supreme Administrative Court of Republic of Bulgaria has finally confirmed the right of the bottling company DEVIN JSC to use the word mark Devin. The company, a leading producer of natural mineral and spring water, will continue to legitimately develop and impose the brand on the Bulgarian market, as it has done since 1994 when the word mark was registered.