Children and Water


1. Eating and drinking habits are nourished from a very early age to ensure children’s health in the future. Ensure that you start to develop the healthy habit of drinking water from an early age
2. Explain to the toddler why he needs to drink water – tell him that this would make him healthier and more energetic, in order to enjoy longer his games and explore the world.
3. Give personal example – you and all family members should drink enough water.
4. Use the opportunity to bring joy and fun to your child by providing it with DEVIN spring water with cheerful and colorful labels with its favorite Disney characters – that way, the child will easily start relating water with a pleasant experience.
5. If you can, avoid giving your child carbonated and drinks containing sugar. Replace them with pure water.
6. Prepare food for your baby with DEVIN spring – it is perfectly suitable for such purposes.
7. Always read the labels of any water and note the levels of sodium and fluoride recommended for children. DEVIN spring has very low mineralization and these minerals are much below the maximum intake.
8. Do not give mineral water to children under the age of 7, unless there is medical prescription and a certain scheme of administration

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April 20, 2016
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