Celebrating the „World Water Day“ with special activities from DEVIN

Celebrating the „World Water Day“ with special activities from DEVIN


Celebrating the „World Water Day“ with special activities from DEVIN

21.03.2016, Sofia – DEVIN will celebrate the International Water Day, 22 March, with special surprises and gifts for all water friends. The company carries out various activities every year, focused on the importance of good body hydration and the benefits of water consumption.

For 24 years now, the world has been celebrating 22nd of March as the “World Water day”, when we honor the most important resource of life. 75% of the human body consists of water and its deficiency causes negative impact on the body, including poor brain functioning. Some of the main symptoms of dehydration include headache, lower concentration capacity, delayed metabolism, irritability, etc. In order to maintain a good body balance, we need to drink sufficient amounts of water.


On the “World Water day”, DEVIN was a guest at the National Museum “Earth and Man” in Sofia, measuring visitors’ hydration levels and giving out free bottles of mineral and spring water. The guests of the museum received leaflets with information on the benefits of good body hydration, as well as useful tips on how to increase liquids intake in their daily routines in order to feel fresh, active and full of energy.

DEVIN will initiate a Facebook game in order to further promote the importance of water for the human body. Five interesting facts about water will be published on the company’s page. Everyone who wants to participate will have to share at least one of these facts. The prize for the winner is a set of glasses.

About the Water Day

The “World Water day” is celebrated every year on 22nd of March, aiming to drive the attention on the importance of fresh water sustainable management. Celebrating the World Water Day was decided at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, in Rio de Janeiro. From then on, the “World Water day” is traditionally honored on this date.


As a leader on the bottled water market in Bulgaria, “Devin” JSC sustainably develops the efficient drilling and bottling of water. The product range of the company includes mineral water, spring water, sparkling water and table water. As a socially responsible company, “Devin” keeps investing in new production technologies and efficient usage of energy and resources.

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