BG Radio launches Water Police

BG Radio launches Water Police


Invite BG Radio and your favorite stars in your office!

As of May 9, BG Radio launches Water Police with Simo Kolev and DEVIN mineral water team who will visit your office and together with your favorite stars will find out whether you drink enough water during the workday! Every week until June 24, the Water Police will visit the office of one company or an organization – why not your workplace?

If you want to invite BG Radio and your favorite celebrity to a sudden visit at your office, register here and be ready! The Water Police of Simo Kolev, DEVIN Team and a Bulgarian celebrity may come to your office anytime during the working day in order to check out whether you and your colleagues drink enough water.

At each inspection in an office, its employees will receive prizes – DEVIN mineral water for the whole office to make work flow like water!

Sustaining water balance in the human body is essential for good health and body tone. Dehydration as a result of inadequate consumption of water and other liquids might lead to:

  • Reduced mental and physical capacity;
  • Lower attention and concentration;
  • Fatigue and headache;
  • Impaired body temperature regulation;
  • Hunger, etc.

One of the most important rules related to the healthy living says: “Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.” It is because water is the center of nature’s growth and development, it is also responsible for human body balance.

DEVIN Mineral water has unique mineral content and is brought to us from the heart of the magic Rhodope Mountains – pure, low-mineralized, with high pH and suitable for active people, who want to maintain healthy lifestyle. It provides all the minerals you need and ensures healthy hydration of your body in the busy everyday life and during sports.

Invite the Water Police of BG Radio to make work flow like water with DEVIN!

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