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Mineral water

DEVIN Mineral is a natural water from the heart of the Rhodope mountains - pure, low mineralized and suitable for the active, dynamic people who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It delivers the needed minerals and revitalizes in today's daily and sport activities.
Our aims is to promote the healthy and active lifestyle, especially in the young people. That is why we focus our efforts in promoting sport related activities among the young people. Furthermore we are the general sponsor of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation.
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Spring water

DEVIN Spring comes untouched by a human hand from a clean spring in the Rhodope mountains. With mild, tender taste and lower mineralization the delicate spring water is recommended even for pregnant, young mothers and babies. The water drinking habits are developed from a young age. That is why we try to help parents to educate these healthy habits in their offspring thus help a healthy childhood. Furthermore we actively support educational seminars and events with current and future parents.
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